GAMES is an epic, cinematic, fictional drama series that is set in the dark, corrupt world of global football.

With its global locations and characters, incredible and interweaving storylines taken from real world events, GAMES brings together stories of: missing millions, dictators, mafia bosses, criminal gangs, FBI raids, payoffs, international arrest warrants, secret offshore accounts, bagmen, money laundering, fraud, kings, princes, slaves, and so much more.

GAMES is set in a world where international football is ruled by an all-powerful and deeply corrupt fictional organisation that controls every aspect of the most popular sport on earth, meaning billions of dollars, massive power and brazen corruption in more than 200 countries across the globe.

GAMES follows an exciting variety of lives across the planet whose contrasting storylines dramatically race toward and converge at a single point in time: the highly sought after and prized multi billion-dollar global football playoffs.

With real, nuanced and meaningful storylines designed to appeal to a wide audience, GAMES will reach far beyond football’s four billion global fans. Viewers will deep-dive into decades in the making corruption scandals that continue to play out in every country and continent in the world.


10 x 60'


In development.