Surviving Social Media

September 26th 2021 will mark just FIFTEEN years since anyone over the age of 13 (with a valid email address) was allowed an account on Facebook. In those fifteen years Facebook and all of the social media platforms that followed have fundamentally transformed the way we connect, interact, date, do business and even the way we do democracy.

The relationship we have with the tech running rampant in the palm of our hands has completely, and irreversibly, changed the human race. It’s changed the relationship we have with each other, and ourselves, in a way we are only just beginning to understand. It’s also fuelled abuse at an alarming rate which has had tragic consequences.

Yet 15 years on there is STILL no verification process for sign up on social media which means it’s a breading ground for abuse. Following the suicides of friends Caroline Flack, Michael Thalassitis and ex-girlfriend Sophie Gradon and triggered by a tabloid headline, Wayne Lineker is fighting back by exposing the trolls and petitioning for verification on social media.

This 3-part series explores how ‘trolling’ began via the traditional media and continues to thrive online today. Told through the eyes of one of the most trolled celebs in the UK, and the exclusive access we have secured to Wayne and those closest to him, we reveal the devastating impact on friends and family and why Wayne has been forced to take action of his own.


3x 60'


In development.